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No Man's Sky Foundation update title : No Man’s Sky Foundation Update: New Gameplay Modes And Base Building Added
summary : No Man's Sky has just gotten its Foundation update, and perhaps the heavy burden on the shoulders of the game might be lifted up with the introduction of new gameplay modes and base building.
date : Nov 28, 2016 11:46 AM EST
No Man's Sky title : 'No Man's Sky' Update Might Turn Things Around
summary : No Man's Sky has now plunged to ratings depths on Steam. Is there any way for the game to claw back to its proper position? Perhaps a new update might be able to change the direction of its future.
date : Oct 14, 2016 11:06 AM EDT
''No Man's Sky'' is set to be launched in June. title : No Man's Sky 1.09 Update News: Audio Changes Welcomed
summary : The latest 1.09 update for No Man's Sky is certain to see changes in the audio. Hopefully it will end up with a better gameplay experience, too.
date : Sep 23, 2016 10:58 AM EDT
No Man's Sky: Everything you need to know title : ‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date with New Applications, New Features, Future Upgrades, and Improvements
summary : There isn't much more that can be said about No Man's Sky. It is poised to be one of those game-changer games, as it is a game where the player is exploring 18 quintillion planets with different lifeforms and ecosystems. If this is a game that you want to play (and who wouldn't) this is what you can do before the game's official release date with a new app as well as new features and what is to come for the mega space game.
date : Aug 08, 2016 08:57 AM EDT
''No Man's Sky'' is set to be launched in June. title : ‘No Man's Sky’ Release Date For PS4 and PC: Hello Games’ Survival Game Gets June 2016 Release
summary : Along with its release date, Hello Games' survival video game "No Man's Sky" has been revealed to be a full retail game and it will be released for more than $60.
date : Feb 10, 2016 07:09 PM EST
No Man's Sky: Everything you need to know title : 'No Man's Sky' Release Date 2016, Features Update: Coming to Oculus Rift and Playstation VR?
summary : Fans cannot wait to get their hands on "No Man's Sky," especially since it has been reported that it will have a total of 18 quintillion, very different, worlds. With its release date around the corner, here is a roundup of the reports and rumors on "No Man's Sky."
date : Jan 29, 2016 02:58 PM EST
No Man's Sky title : No Man's Sky Release date Update: Technical Glitches, Ambitious Features Causing Delay?
summary : "No Man's Sky" may be arriving on June 2016, new reports indicated. This is a tentative date and still subject to change, depending on circumstances.
date : Dec 06, 2015 01:51 PM EST
No Man's Sky Release Date, Update: Hello Games to Make Major Announcement title : No Man’s Sky Release Date; Sony To Unwrap Hello Games’ on October 27
summary : Independent video game title No Man's Sky that is produced by game developer Hello Games has received the warmest reception even at its development stage. Not since Destiny has a video game as anticipated as No Man's Game and of course everybody is expecting the game to live up to its hype.
date : Oct 20, 2015 12:32 PM EDT
No Man's Sky title : No Man’s Sky Release Date, Update, Pre-Order: Arriving This Year In Virtual Reality Xonsoles Like Sony's Morpheus and Oculus Rift
summary : There is no official release date for No Man's Sky, the most anticipated and the biggest video game to be released to date because of its sheer size. However, Hello Games and game creator Sean Murray are both confident that the game will be released in PS4 this year. Plus, a PC version is said to be available by next year.
date : Sep 08, 2015 12:56 AM EDT
No Man's Sky title : No Man's Sky Release Date, Details, and Rumors: Everything You Need to Know
summary : No Man's Sky, the massive and biggest title to grace the gaming community this year in terms of scale as it involves a massive 18 quintillion worlds, beyond what the human mind can imagine, continues to deliver surprises about its infinite universe.
date : Aug 03, 2015 10:03 PM EDT
No Man's Sky title : No Man's Sky Release Date For PS4 and PC: Gameplay Clues
summary : Reports surfaced last month that No Man's Sky is set to be released simultaneously for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Windows PC platforms. The upcoming title, which is a science fiction adventure game from developer Hello Games, was originally announced back in 2013.
date : Jul 28, 2015 12:48 AM EDT
No Man's Sky title : No Man’s Sky Release Date (PS4, PC): 18-Minutes Footage Explains Economy, Gameplay, Flying, and Exploring
summary : Game developer Hello Games is still mum on the release date of the much anticipated massive space-age exploration video game No Man's Sky but there is no lacking in materials to continue the hype about the game and continue to whet the appetite of the gaming community.
date : Jul 09, 2015 11:35 AM EDT
No Man's Sky. title : 'No Man's Sky' Release Date on PS4 and PC Simultaneous: Extended footage Stirs Interest
summary : Obviously, video game publisher Hello Games' did not pushed through with the June 8 release of the most anticipated game video game 'No Man's Sky' to coincide with the birthday of controversial rapper and Kim Kardashain's husband, Kanye West.
date : Jun 29, 2015 11:16 AM EDT
No Man's Sky title : No Man's Sky Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, PC: Coming June 8 to Coincide Kanye West’s Bday?
summary : No Man's Sky Release is the Tweet exchange between the game's lead developer Sean Murray and controversial rapper Kanye West. In his Twitter account @NoMansSky Murray told West, "I just wrote 3,000 lines of code and it compiled first time. Thought you'd want to know."
date : Jun 04, 2015 03:17 AM EDT