Tag : Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dr. Tony Evans title : Dr. Tony Evans: God Carrying Out 'Passive Wrath' on US, Allowing Distress To Grab Attention of Church
summary : During a recent appearance at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Tony Evans, founder and Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, offered a powerful and biblical perspective on what is happening in the nation - particularly amid Donald Trump's shocking win at the polls on Tuesday.
date : Nov 14, 2016 11:56 AM EST
Tony Evans - Adopt a School Initiative title : Pastor Tony Evans Talks Changing America for Good by Pairing Churches with Public Schools
summary : Dr. Tony Evans, senior pastor Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and founder of The Urban Alternative, talked about his plan that could help change the United States for good.
date : Feb 11, 2015 06:25 PM EST