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OnePlus 3 title : OnePlus 3T Release Date Rumors, Price and Spec
summary : A refreshed version of OnePlus 3 is coming this December. Dubbed as OnePlus 3T, the smartphone's upgraded model is expected to arrive with faster processor and new operating system. In addition, it will offer better screen displays than the current OnePlus 3.
date : Oct 27, 2016 03:11 PM EDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 title : Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives; Latest on Samsung's Recall and Replacement Program
summary : Just two weeks after the release of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung issued a global recall for the smartphone. This move comes after several Galaxy Note 7 owners reported the phone's battery cell is catching fire and even exploding.
date : Sep 11, 2016 11:33 AM EDT
OnePlus 3 title : OnePlus 3 Release Dates in the United States for Carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and US Cellular
summary : OnePlus has quite an interesting history as it really took the world by storm in a world full of smartphones. The OnePlus One was quite something in 2014, and then followed it up with the OnePlus 2 a year later. Now it has come to the OnePlus 3 for 2016, and this is the latest news about OnePlus 3 release dates in the United States for carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and US Cellular.
date : Aug 02, 2016 04:39 PM EDT
OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition title : OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition Hits The US
summary : Want to have a little bit of bling in your life? You might want to check out the new OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition and be pleasantly surprised that it will cost the same as the regular Joe Graphite option.
date : Jul 28, 2016 12:54 PM EDT