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Cozmo robot title : Cozmo is The Real-Life Wall-E
summary : Were you inspired by Pixar's Wall-E? If you answered in the affirmative, then you would surely be interested to know that a real-life Wall-E exists in the form of the Cozmo robot.
date : Jul 05, 2016 02:09 AM EDT
Finding Dory title : New Pixar's 'Finding Dory' Trailer Released: Movie Premiere Date and Trailer
summary : Pixar and Disney floated out a new trailer Tuesday on the Ellen show for their underwater sequel, Finding Dory. Here is the released preview of the film and release date
date : May 25, 2016 12:53 PM EDT
Good Dinosaur-Pixar title : 'The Good Dinosaur’ Receives Bad Reviews; Critics Call It ‘Beautiful But Disappointing’
summary : After the success of the animated film "Inside Out," Pixar has released another movie that focuses on friendship and lasting bonds.
date : Nov 30, 2015 02:48 AM EST
Cars 3 title : 'Cars 3,' 'Incredibles 2,' and 'Toy Story 4' Release Dates From 2017-2019
summary : Millions of children and child-at-heart lovers of Woody and Buzz Lightyear will be disheartened to know that Toy Story 4 will not be released in 2015 as previously reported but will instead hit screens starting June 15, 2018. Disney-Pixar made the announcement this week, the Daily Mail reports.
date : Oct 09, 2015 01:45 PM EDT
Inside Out title : Inside Out 2 Release Date: Pixar Is Not Thinking of a Sequel Yet
summary : Pixar's latest smash hit, Inside Out, the movie that follows the emotions that live inside the mind of a young girl has earned a total $113.9 million so far in the box office. It generated $90 million on its opening weekend, setting the record as the highest-grossing debut of an original movie in history.
date : Jul 21, 2015 11:31 AM EDT
Buddy Question: A Faith-Based Children App title : Children Mobile Game App ‘Buddy Quest’ Aims to Help Kids Learn about Faith-Based Virtues in Real Life
summary : Colorado-based Lifetree Family has developed a game called “Buddy Quest” that is designed to teach children how to apply virtues in the real world. Now the company wants to make it available to the public.
date : Jun 03, 2015 10:07 AM EDT
Pixar's The Good Dinosaur title : Pixar's ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Release Date, Teaser Trailer; Pixar Announces Other Animated Films in Production
summary : The American animation giant Pixar has released its first trailer Tuesday for the upcoming film "The Good Dinosaur." Its release date is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on Nov. 25, 2015, a day before Thanksgiving.
date : Jun 03, 2015 09:53 AM EDT