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Pokemon Sun and Moon title : Pokemon Sun and Moon Latest News: Preload It on Your Nintendo 3DS Today
summary : With Pokemon Sun and Moon ready to rock and roll this month, we gear up for the game’s release with anticipation: will there be new Pokemon that we do not know of?
date : Nov 03, 2016 12:19 AM EDT
Primarina evolution that will debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon title : Pokémon Sun and Moon Final Evolutions: Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina
summary : The final evolutions of Decidueye. Incineroar and Primarina have been revealed in the latest trailer, so expect them to be part of the Pokémon Sun and Moon extravaganza when the game arrives next month.
date : Oct 31, 2016 10:10 AM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Moon title : Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date, Mega Evolutions Confirmed, Demo Rumors
summary : Are you looking forward to getting hold of Pokemon Sun and Moon? If you have answered in the affirmative, then brace yourself this November 18, 2016, as the title hits the Nintendo 3DS. Mega Evolutions have also been confirmed.
date : Sep 29, 2016 12:34 AM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Moon title : Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Date and Gameplay: Three New Pokémons Revealed
summary : Since the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has been keeping quiet about the new features of the game. Now, the latest edition of CoroCoro magazine published leaked images of two new creatures. Also, the final form of Legendary Pokémon Zygarde is revealed.
date : Jun 12, 2016 10:33 PM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon title : Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter Pack Release Date on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Update: Latest Trailer Reveals Game's New Monster
summary : Good news for Pokémon fans out there. The latest trailer of much-anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon reveals all-new three more monsters in the game's cast of 722. Trainers can choose from three types of Pokémon when the game hits Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18. Now, here's what is currently known about Pokémon Sun and Moon release date, features and rumors on the web.
date : May 11, 2016 12:17 PM EDT
Pokemon news title : Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Release Date, Update: New Legendary Pokémons Could Appear
summary : As the twin Pokemon games are on their way to gaming shelves, fans are still clamoring for information about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The companies behind the said pair of games remain silent. However, some fans believe that there will be new legendary Pokemons in both games. Now, here's the latest round-up of update about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release date and update.
date : Apr 26, 2016 02:20 PM EDT
Pokemon news title : Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon Update: Gameplay and Mechanics To Be Announced On April 15
summary : Pokemon is one of the most popular cartoons to hit in the small screens of Nintendo consoles. And the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the newest games in the franchise of Pokemon are on their way within this year.
date : Mar 23, 2016 11:46 AM EDT
Pokemon news title : Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Date: New Pokémon Games Debut At Nintendo Direct
summary : The Pokémon series is one of the most popular games in the world, so it is not surprising that fans are clamoring for its next installment. But now, The long wait is over as two new Pokémon games are underway. IGN reported that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will debut at Pokémon Nintendo Direct.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:39 PM EST