Tag : Pokemon XY & Z update
Pokemon title : Pokemon X Y & Z Episode Update: Rumors for Pokemon Go Release Date
summary : The latest rumor about the Pokémon series called "Pokemon Z" says the game will be launched together with another Pokémon game, "Pokemon GO." However according to a published report from MoviePilot, the 2016 release date of both games may have been canceled. The website cited the developers just finished the game's beta test and Nintendo has not yet released any official announcements.
date : Jan 11, 2016 02:38 PM EST
Pokemon title : Pokémon Z, Pokémon GO and Pokémon Movie: Release Date, Updates And Rumors
summary : There's so much happening in Pokémon universe. Earlier this week, there are online reports that published the release date of "Pokemon Z". Not only that, CoroCoro magazine unveiled the third and last mythical Pokémon. Here are the latest details about Pokémon GO and Pokémon Z.
date : Dec 16, 2015 01:36 PM EST
Pokémon GO title : Pokemon Z , Pokemon GO and Pokemon XY & Z Release Date, Update, Rumors to Be Unleashed at Christmas
summary : Due to the deafening silence from Nintendo Direct regarding the release dates of Pokemon Z and Pokemon GO, various reports have surfaced regarding the speculated release dates of these games.
date : Nov 21, 2015 04:49 AM EST