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Ford to deliver a 38 mpg hybrid car for the police title : Ford Reveals Eco-Friendly Police Responder Hybrid Sedan
summary : The police do not only fight crime, but greenhouse gas emissions with the latest reveal of the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan.
date : Apr 11, 2017 01:53 PM EDT
Vietnam. title : Vietnam: Two Pastors Abducted, Robbed, Beaten With Metal Rods
summary : Two Vietnamese pastors were abducted and beaten with a metal bar by masked men believed to be working for a local police force amid increasing persecution in the country.
date : Mar 06, 2017 12:23 PM EST
Good Samaritan Vickie Williams-Tillman title : Black Christian Woman Vickie Williams-Tillman Saves Life of White Police Officer by Jumping on Assailant
summary : A Louisiana black Christian woman has said she was simply "doing what God needed me to do" in saving the life of a white police officer by fearlessly jumping on the back of his assailant, deterring him.
date : Feb 21, 2017 11:11 AM EST
painting title : Franklin Graham: 'Shame On' Lawmaker Behind Painting Depicting Cops as Pigs, Life Without Police 'Hell on Earth'
summary : Franklin Graham has criticized a lawmaker who hung a painting portraying cops as pigs at the Capitol, arguing that country leaders should be relieving racial tensions "rather than adding fuel to the fire" and pointing out that without police officers, society "would be as close as you could get to a hell on earth".
date : Jan 16, 2017 12:21 PM EST
mary anne sause title : First Liberty Institute Continues to Defend Elderly Catholic Woman Told by Police Not to Pray in Her Own Home
summary : Two of the country's leading law firms have filed a brief on behalf of Mary Anne Sause, a Louisburg, Kansas, woman who says she was ordered by local police to stop praying in her home and told that a copy of the Constitution she showed them was "just a piece of paper".
date : Dec 16, 2016 11:21 AM EST
Turkey suidice bombing title : Turkey Suicide Bombings Kill 38, Injures 155 Others As Kurdish Militants Own Attacks
summary : Suicide bombers kill 38, injures 155 more in two separate blasts near a soccer stadium. Government vows relentless crackdown on perpetrators
date : Dec 12, 2016 07:52 AM EST
Canada's Positive Ticket title : Canada's Police Issues Positive Tickets to Encourage Good Behaviors, Building Relationship with Community
summary : Police in Nanaimo, Canada are ticketing children for positive behavior and getting positive results!
date : Nov 07, 2016 11:19 AM EST
Colin Hayward Toland title : 9 Y/O Boy Fighting Cancer Fulfills Dream Of Joining Police Force
summary : A 9 year old boy with cancer dreams to true of being a police officer as he is sworn in Ithaca Police Department
date : Sep 22, 2016 04:35 PM EDT
title : Lecrae on Recent Police Shootings: ‘We Weren’t Made to Become Hashtags’
summary : Lecrae tweeted a news article from BBC on Monday and added a thought of his own: "We weren't made to become hashtags," before hashtagging #TerenceCrutcher -- making a statement about the regularity and normalcy of how a life lost becomes a trending topic.
date : Sep 22, 2016 10:05 AM EDT
Black Lives Matter title : Oklahoma Police Release Video of Officer Shooting Unarmed Black Man
summary : Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma released video on Monday showing an officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man who had his hands in the air, and the U.S Justice Department said it was looking into the incident as a possible civil rights violation.
date : Sep 20, 2016 07:34 AM EDT
Baltimore title : Baltimore Police Routinely Violated Rights: U.S. Justice Department
summary : African-American residents in Baltimore are routinely subjected to unconstitutional stops, arrests and excessive force by the Baltimore Police Department, a scathing federal report released on Tuesday said.
date : Aug 10, 2016 01:38 PM EDT
police title : Maryland Police Fatally Shoot Armed Woman who Threatened to Kill Them
summary : Maryland police fatally shot an armed woman who threatened to kill officers during an hours-long standoff, and a 5-year-old boy was shot and wounded, authorities said.
date : Aug 02, 2016 02:29 PM EDT
3D printed fingers to help police solve a murder case title : 3D Printed Fingers Used By Police to Access Dead Man’s Phone
summary : Dead men don’t talk, but they still have their body parts which could be replicated through the 3D printing process. These in turn could be used to access a smartphone, cranking up a notch when it comes to forensics.
date : Jul 23, 2016 12:21 PM EDT
TBC gathering title : Faith Leaders Guide Christians Against Injustice: 'Christ Have Mercy on Our Fallen World'
summary : While fear, angst and rage loom throughout Americans at the moment, many Christians don't know how to ultimately respond to the recent murders of LGBTQ community members in Florida, two African American men and 11 police officers. As Christians, some pastors say the answer should be simple: We stand against injustice, mourn with those who mourn, and love our neighbor as ourselves. All too often, people are silent when the values of unconditional love need to be spoken, reminds the TBC pastoral staff in California.
date : Jul 10, 2016 10:18 AM EDT
Joe Walsh title : Twitter Deletes Joe Walsh Tweet on Dallas Police Shooting: 'This Is Now War, Watch Out Obama'
summary : Following the fatal sniper attack on Dallas police officers Thursday, former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh is under fire after deleting a threatening tweet against President Barack Obama and ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter protesters.
date : Jul 08, 2016 06:50 PM EDT
Pakistan title : Police Hasty, Brutal in Arrest of Christian Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan: 'This is Sheer Injustice'
summary : Authorities in the Kasur District this week charged and jailed a Christian accused of blasphemy by Muslim business competitors, and police beat area Christians in their search for him, sources said.
date : Sep 04, 2015 01:44 PM EDT
title : Maryland Mall Shooting Gunman ID as 19-Year-Old Darion Marcus Aguilar; Motive Under Investigation
summary : Authorities investigating the motives for Darion Marcus Aguilar's shooting spree at a Maryland Mall on Saturday, January 25 still remains a mystery, with no immediate evidence signaling the cause for the rampage.
date : Jan 27, 2014 10:15 AM EST