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Ronald Reagan title : Why Jerry Falwell Sr. Is Equally Important as Ronald Reagan to Republican Party
summary : July 11, 2017: A decade after his death, Jerry Falwell Sr. is an enormously influential figure in American politics still today.
date : Jul 11, 2017 12:35 PM EDT
Pres. Donald J. Trump title : Trump Reinstates Mexico City Policy Defunding International Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Groups Furious
summary : Pres. Donald Trump signed the executive order reinstating a policy that bans federal funds for international organizations that offer or promote abortion, angering various groups from the pro-choice camp.
date : Jan 26, 2017 12:25 PM EST
The Lincoln Bible title : Donald Trump to Take Oath Using Lincoln’s and Family’s Bible, Mike Pence to Take Oath on Reagan’s Bible Opened at 2 Chronicles 7:14
summary : On Jan. 20, Trump will place his hands on two Bibles as he takes the oath of office: the Lincoln Bible and the Bible his mother gave him in 1955. Mike Pence will be sworn into office with Reagan’s Bible opened at 2 Chronicles 7:14.
date : Jan 19, 2017 01:33 PM EST
God's Not Dead 2 DVD release title : 'God's Not Dead 2' Film Sign Banned From GOP National Convention, Called 'Incendiary'
summary : Politically associated media buys are ramping up in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Republican National Convention will take place next week. But one potential sponsor, representing the "God's Not Dead 2" new Christian drama movie, was nixed, which prompted an accusation of religious persecution.
date : Jul 14, 2016 12:02 PM EDT
Will Ferrell to play Ronald Reagan in Political Comedy 'Reagan' title : Will Ferrell To Portray Ronald Reagan in Political Comedy 'Reagan'; Draws Backlash About Alzheimers
summary : Will Ferrell has played his fair share of political characters. On the comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live, he played the role of former president, George W. Bush. He also played the role in the Broadway play, You're Welcome America. In a political comedy movie, The Campaign, he ran as a Democratic candidate trying to get a seat in Congress. Now Ferrell will be taking on the role of another former U.S. president- Ronald Reagan. This is drawing backlash from those who have loved ones with Alzheimers, including Reagan's son, Michael. Find out more here.
date : Apr 29, 2016 02:07 AM EDT
Former President Jimmy Carter title : Jimmy Carter Cancer Treatment; 'It’s In The Hands of God Whom I Worship’
summary : Former President Jimmy Carter said on Thursday he is leaving everything to God as he discussed about his cancer that he said has spread to his brain
date : Aug 21, 2015 01:04 PM EDT