Tag : Smog
China's Deadly Pollution title : Beijing Issues 'Red Alert' Warnings on Deadly Air Pollution; Smog Kills 4,400 People Per Day, Study Says
summary : For the first time, Beijing has issued Tuesday an air pollution Red Alert after acrid-smelling haze returned to the Chinese capital. Estimates show the smog kills 4,000 people every day, according to a study conducted by scientists at the University of California Berkeley.
date : Dec 09, 2015 12:40 PM EST
Nut Brother title : This Is What Happen When An Artist Vacuums Beijing’s Smog
summary : "Nut Brother," a performance artist in Shenzhen, created a unique piece of art after vacuuming Beijing's smog for 100 days.
date : Dec 07, 2015 03:02 AM EST