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End Times title : Will the World End in 2017 With the Dawning of 'Great American Eclipse'? Leading Evangelists Respond
summary : Will the world end in 2017? With the upcoming "Great American Eclipse", wars, and ongoing terrorism seen around the world, some have speculated that we are indeed living in the End Times.
date : Aug 21, 2017 02:12 PM EDT
Great American Eclipse title : Total Solar Eclipse 2017: What Does the Bible Say About End Times? Billy Graham Answers
summary : August 17, 2017: Renowned evangelist Billy Graham, has previously shared his thoughts on the End Times and what the Bible specifically tells us about living in the last days.
date : Aug 17, 2017 01:00 PM EDT
Great American Eclipse title : Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Evangelist Ray Comfort on Whether 'Great American Eclipse' is Sign from God (Exclusive)
summary : In an exclusive interview with The Gospel Herald, evangelist Ray Comfort shares his thoughts on the Great American Eclipse and what it means for our world today.
date : Aug 21, 2017 02:10 PM EDT
Solar Eclipse title : Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Is 'Great American Eclipse' a Sign From God? Greg Laurie Responds
summary : While some have suggested the upcoming Great American Eclipse could be a sign of God's impending judgment, Greg Laurie, senior pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, says that may not necessarily be the case.
date : Aug 21, 2017 02:09 PM EDT
Solar Eclipse title : Great American Eclipse: How Eclipses Were Regarded as 'Omens' in Ancient World
summary : August 10, 2017: In ancient Mesopotamia (roughly modern Iraq), eclipses were in fact regarded as omens, as signs of things to come.
date : Aug 10, 2017 12:44 PM EDT