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The Magnificent Seven title : 'The Magnificent Seven' Film Reviews: Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt Ride Out To #1, Making The Movie Was "Good for the Soul"
summary : The new remake of The Magnificent Seven, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, has already made a notable debut the box office, raking in $1.75 million on Thursday night after merely a couple of hours of onscreen time across 3,096 cinemas.
date : Sep 24, 2016 12:15 AM EDT
'Spider-Man:Homecoming' Released as Title to the Sony Reboot title : Marvel and Sony Release the New Spider-Man Movie Official Title; Michael Keaton Rumored To Play a Role in the Film
summary : A little less than a week ago, we talked about the possibility of a leaked title for the new solo Spiderman movie in pre-production by Sony pictures. It's official, the new title for the new Spider-Man reboot has officially been announced as Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here's more about the film, actors and release date that has been revealed
date : Apr 14, 2016 09:46 PM EDT
Angry Birds movie title : 'The Angry Birds Movie' Official Trailer, Release Date: Will These Birds be a Hit Or Miss for Rovio?
summary : It's been a few months since Rovio, Columbia, and Sony Pictures released their teaser trailer for The Angry Birds Movie back in September of 2015. Fans of the movie got a small glimpse into the characters of the film, but the new official trailer was released the other day, showing a little more depth into what the movie may be about, and hopefully not all of the best jokes of the film.
date : Jan 28, 2016 08:30 PM EST
Al Sharpton title : Al Sharpton: Reverend Blasts Film Industry For Lack of Racial Diversity in Oscar Nominations
summary : Because no minorities were nominated in the acting categories of the 88th Academy Awards this week, Rev. Al Sharpton took to the air waves Thursday to claim the situation shows the industry's "fraudulent image of progressive and liberal politics and policies." He announced he is convening a Hollywood Summit in February to highlight those studios and others in the film industry who aren't "living up to their obligations."
date : Jan 15, 2016 11:37 AM EST
Sony Hack title : Sony Hack: North Korea May Have Received Outside Help from Sony Insider, China, and Russia, Say Experts
summary : U.S. investigators think that North Korea may have relied on outside help on last month's cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Now a prominent Republican senator agrees with them, placing the blame on China.
date : Dec 30, 2014 06:06 PM EST
North Korea title : Sony Hack: North Korea Threatens Retaliation on 'Whole U.S. Mainland' If Obama Takes Action on Them
summary : A top North Korean defense committee, through the country’s official Korean Central News Agency, issued a statement that threatened attacks on “the White House, the Pentagon and the whole U.S. mainland” if President Obama tries to punish them.
date : Dec 22, 2014 11:38 AM EST
The Interview - Sony Hack title : President Obama Says U.S. Will Figure Out How to Deal with North Korea’s Sony Hack
summary : President Obama announced Friday afternoon that the United States will respond “proportionally” to the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment after the FBI pinned the blame on the North Korean government.
date : Dec 20, 2014 08:33 PM EST
"The Interview" a film by Sony Entertainment title : Sony Cancels 'The Interview,' Giving An Apparent Propaganda Victory to North Korea
summary : Sony pulled distribution of its comedy film "The Interview" in response to threats from a shadowy cyber-terrorism group. While Sony claims it was for "safety" reasons, some in Hollywood think it's an unprecedented attack on free speech and creativity.
date : Dec 18, 2014 08:19 PM EST
Sony title : Former Employees Sue Sony over Hacking Scandal
summary : Two employees who used to work at Sony Corp. have filed a lawsuit against their former employer, alleging that the company failed to protect private and confidential information from hackers.
date : Dec 18, 2014 12:42 AM EST
Annie title : Annie Movie 2014 Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Preview: Hackers Leaked Film Online
summary : Although Sony Pictures released a final movie trailer for its upcoming film, Annie, a bunch of mysterious hackers leaked the film along with four others last week.
date : Dec 03, 2014 12:27 AM EST