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Nintendo News title : Nintendo NX Release Date Could Coincide With 'Legend Of Zelda' Launching
summary : Speculations are now running for the rumored launching of the next-generation console from Nintendo. Today's reports say the launching of Nintendo NX could happen sometime in May 2016, followed by a Legend of Zelda announcement. We've gathered all of the latest information on the web to give you updates on Nintendo NX release date, specs and rumors.
date : Mar 18, 2016 01:48 PM EDT
''The Legend of Zelda'' will be released in 2016. title : ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Wii U Release Date 2016: Nintendo To Confirm Game Release; ‘Twilight Princess HD’ in Three Console Generations
summary : With "The Legend of Zelda" hitting the market soon, it has been revealed that Nintendo is yet to confirm the game's release. Also, the game's "Twilight Princess HD" has encompassed three generations of consoles.
date : Feb 10, 2016 07:08 PM EST