Tag : Trinity Western University
Transgender title : Canada's Supreme Court Rules Trinity Western University Law School Cannot be Denied Accreditation Because of Belief in Traditional Marriage
summary : In a major win for religious freedom, a Canadian court on Tuesday ruled that a Christian university that requires its staff and students to abstain from sex outside of marriage and homosexual behavior cannot be banned from having its law school accredited.
date : Jul 28, 2016 04:17 PM EDT
Bethany Paquette title : Grad of Christian University In B.C. Awarded $8,500 By Human Rights Tribunal; Company Discriminated against Her due to Faith
summary : The Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia has sided with a Trinity Western University graduate who was discriminated against by an adventure company because of her religious background. Under the ruling of the Tribunal, the Norway-based firm Amaruk Wilderness Corp must pay Bethany Paquette a total of $8,500.
date : Mar 03, 2016 09:55 AM EST