Tag : UFOs
UFO title : How Does Belief in Alien Life Harm a Christian’s Faith?
summary : Believing in alien life or life forms in other planets does not seem too far-fetched. It also sounds innocent enough, even for many Christians. However, embracing the principle that life exists in other planets presents serious theological dangers.
date : May 31, 2017 11:14 AM EDT
Apollo 10 Capsule title : Mysterious 'Space Music' Scrutinized First Time in 50 Years After Apollo 10 Clip Declassified by NASA
summary : Apollo astronauts who orbited the moon two months before Neil Armstrong's famous 1969 landing heard unexplainable "music" on its far side, while they reportedly were out of the range of Earthly radio transmissions. People are hearing and seeing the entire declassified video for the first time in nearly 50 years as part of the upcoming third season of Science Channel's series, "NASA's Unexplained Files," which returns Feb. 23.
date : Feb 22, 2016 09:32 PM EST