Tag : Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel title : Vatican 3D Film of Painter 'Raphael' Takes Viewers Into Pope's Private Palace Scenes
summary : Most people know Renaissance painter and architect Raphael Sanzio simply as the "Raphael" who covered the walls of the pope's Vatican palace in elaborate frescoes and filled the Sistine Chapel with tapestries modeled on his designs. Now, a new film celebrates and shares his creations with a larger audience.
date : Mar 24, 2017 03:10 PM EDT
Rembrandt The Stoning of Saint Stephen title : Christian Unity Displayed Through Vatican's First-Ever Rembrandt Exhibit
summary : Paintings of artistic genius Rembrandt, who traditionally was more associated with Protestant Europe, now are on display at the Vatican Museums -- a first for the popular spot that attracts millions of visitors annually. Titled "Rembrandt in the Vatican: Images Between Heaven and Earth," the show includes 53 artworks from the Zorn Museum in Sweden and the Kremer Collection in the Netherlands. Some of the Dutch artist's best-known works are biblical scenes, such as "The Raising of the Cross" and "Adam and Eve."
date : Dec 09, 2016 06:51 PM EST