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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne title : Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Oozes With Potential For New Movie
summary : Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer is a prime example where there is vast potential for a standalone movie in the expanded Star Wars universe.
date : Oct 12, 2016 10:49 PM EDT
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild title : The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Release Date for Wii U and Nintendo NX: Official Trailer
summary : 2017 looks set to be an exciting year for the Legend of Zelda fans, as the latest installment of the game titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set for a release on the Wii U as well as the yet unreleased Nintendo NX consoles.
date : Oct 12, 2016 11:36 AM EDT
Battlefield 1 is EA Dice's upcoming FPS title title : Battlefield 1 Release Date, Gameplay, Features for PC, Xbox One and PS4
summary : All that you need to know about EA Dice's upcoming First Person Shooter Battlefield 1 as the game debuts this October 21 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms.
date : Oct 12, 2016 11:36 AM EDT
WWE 2K17 title : WWE 2K17 Roster, DLC Review, Patch 1.01 Weighs In At 11GB for PS4 and Xbox One
summary : Now that WWE 2K17 is out, how has the game fared? The 11GB day one patch 1.01 certainly shows that it was not the most polished title to have been released in recent times.
date : Oct 12, 2016 11:35 AM EDT
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare title : Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Release Date: Xbox One and PS4 Pre-Orders
summary : Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is all set to be released this November 4th on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Would you want to skip the queue and place a pre-order instead?
date : Oct 10, 2016 03:24 PM EDT
War for the Planet of the Apes trailer title : War For The Planet Of The Apes Game Set For Console Debut
summary : The Planet of the Apes is one movie franchise that has certainly captured the imagination of millions who have watched it, so why not bring the idea to the video game platform? It seems that War for the Planet of the Apes is set to debut across multiple consoles in the near future.
date : Oct 10, 2016 04:11 PM EDT
NBA 2K17 locker codes revealed title : NBA 2K17 Locker Codes Revealed, Latest News and Updates
summary : Get your NBA 2K17 locker codes here! It seems as though some of the locker codes from NBA 2K16 has been retained as well.
date : Oct 04, 2016 09:46 AM EDT
NES Classic Edition title : NES Classic Edition: Nintendo Classic Mini Release Date, Games, and Pre-Order
summary : The new microconsole known as the NES Classic Edition is all set to debut this November 10 in Japan and Australia before its North American and European release a day later.
date : Oct 04, 2016 09:43 AM EDT
Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro title : PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S vs. PS4: Comparison Review
summary : The new PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are now out yet, but when they are released in due time, how will they stack up against the existing PS4?
date : Sep 20, 2016 09:57 AM EDT
For Honor title : For Honor Hacks and Slashes its Way into the Hearts of Gamers Everywhere
summary : If you are tired of Pokemon GO and would like to release some much pent-up rage but do not want to go through another Dynasty Warriors or Diablo title, how about giving For Honor a go when it arrives?
date : Sep 16, 2016 12:53 PM EDT
Pokemon Go title : Pokémon GO Gen 2 Release Date, New Buddy System and Updates
summary : The Pokémon cash cow continues to be milked in the form of Pokémon GO Gen 2, where its release will see a new buddy system introduced that can help to level up your legendary MewTwo as well as Zapdos.
date : Sep 15, 2016 03:05 PM EDT
Tom Clancy's The Division title : 'Tom Clancy's the Division' Release Date, Beta Plans, Features Update: Received 'Mature' Rating Because of Bloody Combat, Realistic Gunfire
summary : "Tom Clancy's The Division" has been exciting fans ever since it was revealed in Ubisoft's E3 press conference nearly two years ago, in Jun 2013. Now that it has a confirmed release date in March 8 this year, fans could not wait to hear about the beta version, which can go live anytime
date : Jan 07, 2016 02:12 PM EST
title : Final Fantasy 15 Release Dates Update: Hajime Tabata Confirms FFXV Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Later This Year; Square Enix to Bring FFIX to PC, Smartphones
summary : Game developer and publisher Square Enix has finally confirmed that Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) will launch at some point by the end of this year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developer also confirmed that Final Fantasy IX will be ported over to Windows PC, Android, and iOS platforms before this year ends.
date : Jan 04, 2016 11:29 AM EST
title : 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' Release Date: Steam Confirms PC Version To Arrive Early Next Year, Coming to PS4 in 'Holiday 2016'
summary : The second chapter in the new action-based Tomb Raider series, titled “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” will be available to gamers using the Microsoft Windows PC platform next month, according to a listing page recently posted on Steam, a digital distribution platform.
date : Dec 28, 2015 09:21 AM EST
title : Battlefield 5 Release Date and Updates: Star Wars Battlefront Creator Confirms Impending Arrival of Next Battlefield Series
summary : Now that the Star Wars Battlefront action shooter is finally out, video game developer EA DICE is now focused on creating additional content for the game as well as more free DLC. However, it seems that some members of the team already shifted their creative juices on Battlefield 5, the next installment to EA’s popular first-person shooter video game series.
date : Dec 14, 2015 02:00 PM EST
title : Fallout 4 Mod that Adds Boston Red Sox' David Ortiz As Game Character Draws Ire of the MLB
summary : A new Fallout 4 mod features the Boston Red Sox’ star defensive hitter David Ortiz. In a video posted on YouTube a few days ago, Ortiz is shown swinging a bloody, nail-spiked baseball toward opponents. While some gamers may be thrilled to see the slugger in Fallout 4, his appearance in the game has drawn the ire of the Major League Baseball officials.
date : Nov 15, 2015 01:55 PM EST
Mortal Kombat X DLC title : Mortal Kombat X DLC Release Date, News Updates; New Characters To Be Introduced In 2016
summary : Game developer NetherRealm Studios and publisher Warner Brothers have confirmed that the next DLC for the massively-successful fighting video game Mortal Kombat X will be released next year.
date : Nov 03, 2015 07:43 AM EST
title : Halo 5 for Windows PC Rumors: After Release Date on Xbox One, 'Halo 5: Guardians' PC Port Might Arrive Soon
summary : The “Halo 5: Guardians” shooter game is scheduled to launch exclusively for the Xbox One console next week. New reports, however, suggest that a Windows PC version might also be released in the near future. In a recent GamesRadar live stream, a Halo 5 executive mentioned that “there is plenty of chance” that Halo 5: Guardian could be released on PC.
date : Oct 25, 2015 11:38 AM EDT
title : Nintendo NX Specs, Release Date: Nintendo's Hybrid Gaming Device To Take On PS4, Xbox One In 2016
summary : Nintendo’s rumored console has once again the subject of tech rumor mills as a new report from the The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) sheds light on some details of the unannounced gaming device. The Japanese console maker already said that it will provide more information about the so-called “Nintendo NX” next year.
date : Oct 20, 2015 01:36 PM EDT
title : NBA 2K16 Tips, Locker Codes For Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, and More; Unlimited VC, Cheats Generator
summary : NBA 2K16, the 17th installment in the popular NBA 2K game franchise, has been released late last month for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC. Due to its realistic graphics and immersive gaming experience, the game has been highly anticipated by fans.
date : Oct 20, 2015 12:35 PM EDT
title : Mortal Kombat X Updates: Kombat Pack 2 DLC Rumored to Release in Early 2016; Johnny Cage Joins WWE Immortals Roster
summary : Speculations about Mortal Kombat X’s upcoming Kombat Pack 2 downloadable content (DLC) began last when game creator Ed Boon sent out a series of tweets on which teased the return of the classic Mortal Kombat arena called “The Pit” along with a photo showing four additional DLC characters. Shortly after Boon shared the said teaser Warner Bros confirmed that there is indeed additional DLC on the way for "Mortal Kombat X" in the form of new characters, at least one new stage, and new skins and. However, it looks like the DLC will not be released until early 2016.
date : Oct 17, 2015 03:24 PM EDT
title : GTA 5 Online to Add New 'Freemode Events' For PS4, Xbox One, PC; New Feature Coming in September 15
summary : Rockstar Games is finally adding a game mode that many players have been expecting to be part of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) since launch. The new “Freemode Events” will let players hop into the online portion of the game called GTA Online with no menus, no lobbies, and more importantly, no loading screens.
date : Sep 11, 2015 09:24 AM EDT
title : PlayStation Anniversary Sale Includes Over 100 Discounted Games: Diablo 3, Final Fantasy 14, Dark Souls 2
summary : The original PlayStation console launched in the United States two decades ago on September 9, 1995. To celebrate the occasion, Sony is currently holding its “PlayStation 20th Anniversary Sale.” The company is offering up to 70% discount on some of the titles. Moreover, PlayStation Plus members can also enjoy an additional 10% discount, driving it up to 80% off some of the games included within the sale.
date : Sep 10, 2015 11:55 AM EDT
title : Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One Update: Microsoft Details 11 Cars Coming Via Fast and Furious DLC Pack
summary : Microsoft has confirmed that upcoming racing video game Forza Motorsport 6 will receive 11 bonus cars as part of a new Fast & Furious downloadable content (DLC). The car pack will come with the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the Xbox One game at no extra cost.
date : Sep 03, 2015 02:02 AM EDT
title : Deadpool Release Date for PS4, Xbox One: GameStop Confirms Arrival Of Popular Anti-Hero Game to Current-Gen Consoles
summary : A remastered version of the superhero action game Deadpool originally released in 2013 will soon be available for current generation consoles. GameStop, one of the largest video game retailers, has confirmed the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports via a Twitter post on Tuesday.
date : Sep 02, 2015 04:21 AM EDT
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