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Morgan Freeman and 'The Story of God' title : National Geographic's 'The Story Of God' Episode 5 'Why Does Evil Exist' Recap; Episode 6 'The Power of Miracles' Air Date
summary : Growing up as a child in Mississippi, Morgan Freeman encountered racism, and viewed it as being a confusing evil thing. In the fifth episode of National Geographic Channel's The Story of God, Freeman explores the concept of evil. Why does it exist? Where does it come from? Freeman says, "For Christianity, it could be the devil himself, or is evil something that comes from inside of us?" This article recaps the 5th in the series of the comparing beliefs around the world and in many religions.
date : May 02, 2016 06:26 PM EDT
'The Story of God: Why Does Evil Exist?" with Morgan Freeman Airing May 1st title : National Geographic Channel's 'The Story of God' Episode 5 'Why Does Evil Exist' Preview; When and How to Watch
summary : In the May 1st episode of The Story of God, brought to us by Morgan Freeman and the National Geographic Channel, Mr. Freeman will explore the different concepts of evil in the episode entitled 'Understanding Evil.' Here's a sneak peek into what viewers may learn on Sunday.
date : Apr 30, 2016 02:24 AM EDT