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XCOM 2 title : XCOM 2 Vs. Civilization 6 Gameplay and Review: Which Is The Best Turn-Based Strategy Game?
summary : It is certain that turn-based strategy games would never go old. XCOM and Civilization series are two of the most popular titles in the genre. Now, let's check their gameplay, graphics and other features, and know who the best is.
date : Aug 07, 2016 08:18 AM EDT
XCOM 2 title : 'XCOM 2: Anarchy's Children' DLC Pack Release Date, New Weapons And Reviews
summary : 2K Games revealed the launch date of the first XCOM 2 downloadable content. Titled Anarchy's Children, the new expansion pack introduces new character customizations, weapons, armors and many more. The additional game contents will be made available next week, March 17.
date : Mar 10, 2016 02:08 AM EST