Deportation bringing about deaths

8 migrant workers have died until now
( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2003 11:18 AM EST

While the Korean government is adhering to the principle of the deportation of migrant workers, 8 foreign workers have lost their lives unill now.

6 committed suicide under the extreme mental pressure caused by the law of forceful expulsion. They could not be employed and hid themselves from the regulations after the law was enforced.

Moreover, in the early morning on the 10th Mr. K(46), a Joseonjok (Korean Chinese who lack Korean citizenship) was frozen to death in the middle of downtown Seoul. Also, on the 12th, a worker from Bangladesh (31) was found dead due to a fatal heart attack in a Container which was at his residence, in Kyoungki province. He had been hiding from the government's regulations and failed to receive any treatment about his chronic heart problems.

Rev. Chun Ung Park, a representative of Ansan Migrant Shelter, said, "The law of deportation is a law of homicide. If the government sustains the law, more lives would be lost." He added, "The compulsory expulsion is a crime. It is a type of an indirect murder."

He asked Christians in his nation to have grave considerations for migrant workers. He said that while some pastors and beleivers try to help foreign workers, most of christians remain aloof from the issue.

Pev. Park said that on the 14th organizations working for migrant workers all over the country will assemble in the Ansan Station Plaza and discuss their further actions against the law of the government. He added that this rally would be more radical than others done before.