Internet evangelism in china

( [email protected] ) Dec 30, 2003 02:17 AM EST

The Internet has become a powerful tool for us to use in evangelism. Users of internet in China are 78 million in 2003 which is only second to that of USA. In the whole world there is one Chinese in every ten persons who serfs net. Its increasing rate of persons visiting web is 5-6 percent which is one of the most rapidly increasing rate in the world. Most of the persons visiting web are youngsters who is in school or graduates and Intellectuals .

It is good news to start mission in internet to the youngsters and intellectuals but web can only make them know basic knowledge about Christianity as a bridge ,then they can go to churches to know deep knowledge . as we know In china most of the believers are low-education farmer , intellectuals and youngsters are busy with working so It is not easy to gospel to them but they often visit non-Christianity website to read news and playing games or visit some forums.

Internet is full of sexy movies and photos and computer games which is easier to attract youngsters. Many university students are searching for sexy movies in internet. It is reported that in a net bar near to a university in Shandong, most of male students visit sexy website, almost every computer left record of visiting sexy website. Many students are indulged in watching sexy movies and , even some visit several hours per time. This has made many youngsters crime.

But there are very little gospel website in Chinese in internet and 99% have been written with only a Christian reader in mind. Of course, some non-Christians will visit them too. And if they already have an interest, maybe they will stay to read. But this is like hoping that non-Christians will walk in off the street into our church services. Some do. But most will not. (And site visitors will usually leave in 5 seconds, if they cannot relate to a page.) So we often find that we are only touching the people who may have a Christian background or interest. We reach the 'once-churched', but we do not touch the 'never-churched'. So we should touch the never churched and go to the field of non-Christians.

I firmly believe that it is very important for faithful Christians paste articles which is meaningful for non-Christians especially in website of thought, culture ,which can lead them to think about life meaning and hold a positive attitude to Christianity ,this can let non-Christian see god’s glory and also is a job to fight with Satan .

Testimony and true experience are better tools to attract people in internet and are easier to change people than theory and articles. There are still very little testimonies in Chinese in internet.

Thanks to god, Christians serving in internet evangelism are more and more in ways of creating website and forums. We need to pray god to revive Chinese internet evangelism and pray god to lead more Christians to plunge into web evangelism.