Sixth Symposium on Church Ministry in China

( [email protected] ) Feb 04, 2004 12:10 PM EST

MAINLAND CHINA— In Feb 10-13, 2004 the Sixth Symposium on Church Ministry in China will be held at the international training center for entrepreneurs at the Kwik Kopy headquarter in Houston.

Twelve leaders from the TSPM and the China Christian Council will be present. The Sixth Symposium will be a great time for Chinese Christianity leaders and American counterpart to cooperate on the church of China in the areas of church growth, theological training, publication and community services. In addition, they will have presentations from both Chinese and American perspectives and discussion on crucial issues pertaining to the development of Christianity in China. For detailed information,

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The fifth symposium on church ministry in china was held at Los Angeles from February 25th to 28th , 2003. Constructive discussions were held on several topics at the meeting, including:

· Defining issues that separate and unite Christians in China and the West.

· Expanding communication channels between Christians in China and the West.

· Understanding religious liberty issues from both Chinese and occidental perspectives.

· Discovering new opportunities for cooperation between Christians in China and the West in the areas of: Christian publications, theological education, lay pastors training, Church growth ministry, Social and community development.

· Establishing the foundation for continuing dialogue between the Church of China and the American attendees.

We wish there will be more understandings between each other and western Christian fellowships can help china to solve the urgent problems and exchange experiences through this kind of meetings.