Luther Speaks in Chinese

Luther's work is translated to chinese
( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 12:58 PM EST

Now, Luther is able to speak to Chinese, as Literature Department of the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod (LCHKS), Guangzhou University in the People's Republic of China, and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis joined together for translation project on Luther's works.

Translators from both inside and outside Mainland China worked on this project, which included a two-step editing process ¡V ¡§one with an emphasis on theological accuracy and the other focusing on current literary clarity within China. It is a unique partnership between the scholarly and the churchly worlds, and between the Chinese worlds inside and outside the People's Republic of China,¡¨ said Dr. Henry Rowold, a member of the project's editorial committee.

Those in the academic world within Mainland China sponsored the project. ¡§Now, Luther's writings is able to access schools, libraries, governmental agencies and bookstores throughout China, and his voice will be heard in places where the church is not represented," said Rowold. "Along with his voice for social and cultural reform will be his vigorous Christian faith, which permeates and drives all his writing ...and that faith will be there, as well, wherever these books go,¡¨ he expected.

The first volume of the Chinese Edition of Luther's Works is available for purchase from the Literature Department of the Lutheran Church--Hong Kong Synod. For information, send e-mail to [email protected]