Over 30,000 Attend "Man can pray to God"

( [email protected] ) Apr 15, 2004 02:13 PM EDT

Hong Kong-Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ and Jireh Fund joined to hold a preaching conference at Hung Hom Stadium. The title of the conference was "Man can pray to God". It lasted for 3 days, starting from 3rd of April. The conference is made up of three sessions dedicated to various audiences. 30,000 attended and the number of committed ones reached as many as 1400.

The first session is for youth. The Honorable Chief Minister of Breakthrough, Yuanyun-Cai said,"Everyone should who know he or she is and whom they live for" He urged the teenagers not to look down upon themselves because God's thought is higher than ours. "Good looks at the heart. What really matters is whether one has found and fallen into his or her position in the Lord." He also urged the youth to learn to lay down their life, take the cross of Jesus and follow Him.

The Chief Minister of Jireh Fund, Ms Chan spoke in the second session, which targeted at women. She told the attendants to resist all the negative thoughts entering them. She taught the congregations to pray to God when they face difficulties and feel tensed. "God will make a way. Only God can give us the wisdom and the power to turn curses into blessings."She added.

In the last session, Mr. Cai said, "Man easily forgets God when he faces no troubles. In hard times, we can learn to rely on God. Let's learn from great Apostle Paul who told others to all the time rejoice in the Lord. He also gave his testimony and shared how God has led his family."The grace revealed from the cross can swallow up hatred and bring harmony between men", he testified.

The harvest of the conference is considerably good and 1400 of the audience got to the front of the stage and committed themselves to God.