World Vision Launches Relief Work for Flood Victims in Southern China

Since June, continuous downpours have ravaged many provinces in China. An estimated 17 million people are affected – especially in the areas of Guangxi and Guangdong where the floods hit the hardest.
( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2005 02:36 AM EDT

In response to the severe flood epidemic in Southern China, World Vision, an international Christian relief and development organization, has begun launching relief work for the victims by collecting donations from different countries.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs reported that the floods have killed at least 97 people and caused 41 people to go missing. Furthermore, the flood caused a devastating economic loss amounting to RMB 11.3 billion which is approximately USD 140 million.

In a news release to Hong Kong, World Vision said their relief team has finished initial assessment on June 23 in Chaoping County, Guangxi. “Around 250,000 people are affected by the floods while about 70,000 villagers are trapped. Ten people are killed and 16 are missing, with 5,000 people homeless and about 8,000 houses collapsed. World Vision will soon distribute food grains to 8,500 victims in Chaoping county and further action is under consideration.”

“The team visited Yangdi Village, Beituo Township in the county. Out of 40 families, 30 of them have lost their homes and all their possessions. The deepest water level was over 6 meters. Many crops have been submerged while most of the roads are still blocked by landslides. The government has organised airlifts of biscuits, mosquito tents and clothes. However, bigger items like tents still have not reached the victims.”

Also in the news release, Mr. Kevin Chiu, the Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Hong Kong, said, “Many houses were destroyed and crops were washed away by the ravaging water. The victims have lost all their belongings. They are in urgent need of food and shelter. We appeal to the public to give a helping hand to the flood victims in China.”

Donations can be made through direct Bank-in:

HSBC 018-377077-002

Hang Seng Bank 286-364385-005

Bank of China 012-883-0-002502-5

For more information, please visit World Vision International site at