China Censors Foreign Broadcasters

On Wednesday, the ministry of culture released a statement saying that, in a measure to protect China's heritage, they will not allow anymore foreign companies to broadcast, and will place restriction
( [email protected] ) Aug 08, 2005 12:50 PM EDT

For the past two years, China has been tightening their control on foreign companies that have set their eyes on China's economic market. However, the ministry of culture released a statement on Wednesday saying that they will no longer allow new foreign companies to broadcast their channels into China.

They also plan to place restrictions on the 31 foreign satellite stations, that currently have licenses to operate in China, in an attempt to "safeguard national culture," the ministry posted on their website according to CBC, a broadcasting network in Canada.

Their concern is that popular culture and foreign materials are spreading "politically and socially dangerous" messages.

The post also said that the government will place bans on new licenses for companies that import newspapers, magazines, electronic publications, audiovisual products, children's cartoons, and limit the number of foreign copyrighted products that Chinese companies are allowed to publish.

These steps will, "strengthen management of imported cultural products," as well as, "improve intellectual property protections and safeguard national cultural safety," the ministry said.

Last year, the government also prohibited English words from displaying on television stations and banned programs from foreign companies that imposed a "western ideology" or a political point of view.

While on prime time, channels that displayed violence and crime were also banned to protect the environment for children by providing "healthy" programs.

Recently, the government placed a similar measure on Chinese television and radio stations to prohibit them from forming partnerships with foreign companies by releasing their channels to the foreign networks, just last month.

The ministry also announced that the government will launch a crackdown on illegal satellite dishes from private companies, who transmit signals to millions of households, even though it's illegal, reported AP.