Hundreds of Hong Kong Christians Revived on Joint Mission Conference

HONG KONG- Some twenty mission organizations in Hong Kong jointly hosted a major conference to revive the heart of Christians for world mission.
( [email protected] ) May 30, 2006 04:02 PM EDT

HONG KONG- Some twenty mission organizations in Hong Kong jointly hosted a major conference to revive the heart of Christians for world mission.

On May 26-27, the 19th "Grace Upon all Nations Mission Revival Conference: If we are out of mind…" was held at the Hong Kong Truth Lutheran Church. Mainly organized by the Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions (HKACM), the Conference aims to promote Hong Kong Christian missions through various activities and to encourage believers to take up the burden of the Great Commission.

Around 350 people, mainly youngsters, have attended the two revival nights. During the day, there were some other workshops featuring the sharing of missionaries and ministers. Some of the highlighted topics are "Mission and Prayer," "Gift of Evangelism," "How to lead the Church to the path of Great Commission" and so on.

On one of the revival nights last Friday, a missionary from a Southeast Asia country called Tim, testified that the joy after seeing the conversion of young lives is the greatest strength for him to continue doing missions for 7 years. He exhorted Christians to pray for God’s will and do not be confined in faith because of the period of time. Christians need to breakthrough the past and sometimes become "out of mind".

China Evangelistic Mission Ltd. (CEM) International Director Rev. Calvin Chu challenged Hong Kong Christians by describing the scene of the martyr of Stephen in Acts 7: 2-53. The true people of God should be always responding to the calling of commission, Chu said. Evangelism is beyond the boundary of races and nations, and Christians are the ones who should fulfilled the commission. Chu encouraged attendants to leave their comfort zone so as to share the gifts that has been given to them with many people.

"It is the time of judgment when the Kingdom of God comes. Evangelism is not something optional. It is not something you can do within one year of mission, therefore you must pray diligently and give good testimony to your family," said Chu.

Speaking of how to breakthrough the current confinement in mission field, Chu said men must rely on God and ask for God’s glory. He recalled the European missionary to Africa in the past, coffin is one of the must-bring items for them.

"This shows that they have the firm heart to follow the Lord without looking back to their homeland. They long for the reward in heaven and suffer for Christ," said Chu. "If we can taste God’s glory, the glamour and mighty of the Gospel, we will be retreat even we face more sufferings, we will not be tempted even if we face more temptations."

"Just as how our ancestors have changed the work, we can also change the world today," Chu added.

Finally, Chu reminded that all of the missionaries are the source of blessings to others by quoting the Bible verses from Genesis, "When Abraham obeyed God and left his country, his people and his father's household and go to the land God has showed him, God will make him into a great nation and He will bless him; He will make his name great, and he will be a blessing."

The 21 co-organizers of this mission conference included Operation Mobilization Hong Kong, Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) Hong Kong, Wycliffe Bible Translators Hong Kong and others.

[Editor’s note: Carol U and Timothy Li have reported for this article from Hong Kong.]