Global Leadership Summit 2008 to be First Broadcasted in HK

( [email protected] ) Jun 15, 2007 12:33 PM EDT

HONG KONG- A world-renowned church leadership conference involving over 190 cities around the world will be first broadcasted in Hong Kong after Olympic Games 2008.

The Global Leadership Summit, first founded by the American megachurch Willow Creek Community Church, was originally scheduled to be broadcasted in Hong Kong on Nov. 2 thur Nov. 4 this year. However, due to the need for more preparation, the first broadcast will be postponed to 2008 after Olympics Games Beijing.

The Hong Kong-based evangelical group Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement is the local organizer for the event. Chairman Rev. Wu Chi-Wai highly recommended the Global Leadership Summit to Hong Kong church leaders, saying that all speakers are outstanding leaders in political, business and academic fields. In addition, the Summit is gaining popularity internationally; some Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have already introduced it.

According to Rev. Wu, the planning for this first-ever broadcasting event in Hong Kong has just started early this year. As editing Chinese subtitles to the broadcast involves complicated process, the event is postponed to 2008. Meanwhile, Willow Creek Community Church will also take the time to gain a better understanding about Hong Kong churches.

The Global Leadership Summit 2007 is set to be held on Aug. 9 thur Aug. 11 with the theme "Lead Where You Are". Speakers included founder and senior pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church Rev. Bill Hybels; founder and senior pastor of the North Point Community Church in Georgia Rev. Andy Stanley and other international known speakers.

In 2005, around 54,000 church leaders attended the Summit while the number raised to over 70,000 in 2006. This year is also expected to attract even more attendants.

[Editor's note: The article is translated by Claudia Cheng in San Francisco.]