NCC to Join Forum on Poverty and Equity

( [email protected] ) Dec 20, 2003 12:13 PM EST

NEW YORK CITY – The National Council of Churches will take part in a national forum to bring issues of poverty and economic injustice to public debate, January 30-31, 2004.

Representative delegates will have the opportunity to challenge Presidential candidates in person to consider the dire needs of the people of America.

"Millions of people in America are hurting," promotional materials for the event note. "National priorities must include affordable housing; children's programs and education; affordable, nutritious food; access to health care, and good jobs at good wages.

The NCC representatives will be joining other humanitarian, grassroots and faith-based people in a major get-out-the-vote effort, and to plan future work to end hunger, poverty and economic injustice.

"Grassroots groups and faith-based communities across America are protesting our Government's misplaced priorities and challenging presidential candidates of both parties to address the long-standing neglect of economic issues that affect families in every community."