Third Defiant Mayor Issues Homosexual “Marriage” Licenses

( [email protected] ) Feb 28, 2004 10:03 AM EST

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. -- Despite the avid objections of pro-family groups across the nation, another city followed in the footsteps of the defiant San Francisco to become the third district in America to issue “marriage” licenses to homosexual couples within the last month.

The Mayor of the small New Paltz town located just off the Interstate 87 directly issued licenses to over 20 homosexual couples.

The state health department asked the Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to halt the illegal weddings. In New Mexico, the marriage licensing were brought to an end by the State Attorney who deemed such “marriage” illegal. In San Francisco, however, despite the direct order of the Governor and the State Attorney, the “activist judges” refused to nullify the 3,500 “marriage” liences already issued, and declined to shut down City Hall to homosexual couples.

The decision marked yet another setback to conservatives in their fight to block the rush to the altar by gay couples in San Francisco. More than 3,400 couples have tied the knot since the city began issuing marriage licenses two weeks ago, under the directive of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

February’s havoc over gay “marriages” followed last year's Massachusetts court decision that ruled that prohibiting same-sex “marriages” violated the state’s constitution. The same court reaffirmed its decision this month, making way for legalized gay “marriages” by mid-May.

As the battle over “the most fundamental institution of civilization” blazes on, conservatives look toward a legalized federal amendment to protect traditional marriage that would overturn the tide of rebellion.

President Bush himself reiterated his support for such an amendment, Feb. 27.

“I believed it was important to act because the institution of marriage was being changed by courts,” he said. “And it’s an issue that’s very sensitive. And the voice of the people needs to be heard, and the constitutional process was the best way to do such.”

“I believe that marriage has served society well, and I believe it is important to affirm that, that marriage between a man and a woman is the ideal,” he said. “And the job of the president is to drive policy toward the ideal. This is a sensitive debate and it is important that people hold true to their beliefs without condemning anybody else. And so, therefore, I call upon all sides in the debate to conduct themselves with dignity and honor and respect.

“But this is a debate that the nation must have. And the people's voice must be heard in the debate.”

Pro-family groups have also continued on various petitions to state and federal legislatures to halt the “marriages.”