NCC to Launch Joint Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 06:06 PM EST

The National Council of Churches USA, in conjunction with leaders from scientific and medical fields, will launch a campaign for Nuclear Disarmament on Monday, March 8th in Washington DC.

The campaign, dubbed, “A Moral Appeal for a Safer World Without Nuclear Weapons,” calls upon world leaders to halt the post-Cold War nuclear arms race on the grounds that it is immoral and unnecessary.

The group leaders will discuss nuclear weapons in the context of “civilized values and humanitarian law,” during the conference that marks the official launch of the campaign, Monday.

The group additionally plans to write a “call to action” that would specifically outline the steps toward disarmament that the U.S. and Russia can take in a manner that would be consistent with the guidelines of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the International Court of Justice.

Leaders attending the event include: Rev. Robert W. Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches USA; Marie Dennis, Vice President, Pax Christi International; Helen Caldicott, M.D., President, Nuclear Policy Research Institute; Jonathan Dean, Advisor on Global Security Issues, Union of Concerned Scientists; and Howard Hallman, Chairman, Methodists United for Peace with Justice, among others.