Seventh Zhejiang Provincial Christian Representative Conference Held in Hangzhou

Shin Province Three-Self Patriotic Committee and Christian Association Welcomes New President at the Seventh Zhejiang Provincial Christian Representative Conference
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 05:25 AM EST

The Seventh Zhejiang Provincial Christian Representative Conference was held in Hangzhou between December 6 and December 9. During the conference, Den Fu Chung was selected as the Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee Chairman. Also, Sun Tsi Pei became province Christian Association President. In the afternoon of December 8, provincial vice-secretary Liang Ping Bo came to the conference to visit the representative and to speak.

According to Shinhwa Net (Zhejiang Daily News), Liang Ping Bo’s said that

Liang represents the delegate committee well. The provincial government expressed their acclamation towards the well-rounded success of the conference and the selection of new leaders. He expressed that within the past six years, the Zhejiang Provincial Christian World will “lift the flags of patriotism…high, urgently assisting parties and government following religious freedom policies…[thus] diligently pushing for the construction of theology, sincerely strengthen the development of young adult ministers in their love towards country and religion, self-standing, self-realization, and any activities that permeates throughout society…pushing forward the construction of Zhejiang province material and spiritual culture. Liang expressed hopes that the leaders of these two congregations would diligently “study the entire nation and all the provincial religious work meeting spirit.”

And thus, in the process, continuously “uniting and leading the large number of church workers and believing population.” The result of this, Liang believes, will allow the province to move one step forward following religious freedom policies and independently self-rule and self-determination for the direction, strengthening the construction of every level within the Christian patriotic organization, and continuing well-performed diverse tasks demanded by Christian and socialistic society. Liang concluded that the leaders should be “adapted to increase in unity, job security, and the ‘execute eight strategy’” in hopes for diligently establishing “peace in Zhejiang and full-fledged construction of society, offering new contributions to continue modernization.”

The Patriotic Organization of Chinese Christianity was established in August 1954. The motto of the organization is: Unity through educating all Christians to love the mother country, obey national laws, participate in the construction of socialism, emphasize the principles of self-standing, self-support, and self-production, and establishing independent the Chinese Christian Church. The role of Three-Self Patriotic Committee includes the following:

1. Assists all level government to follow religious freedom policies.

2. Educate all Christians to obey the constitutions and those related to law, patriotic obedience to law.

3. Encourage all Christians to urgently participate in constructing a socialistic society.

4. Education Christians to hold on to the principle of Three-Self Patriotic Principle, setting right Christian Church.