World Council of Churches Shares Christmas Message

Details of WCC Secretary-General's speech at children's center in Buenos Aires, Argentina
( [email protected] ) Dec 13, 2004 04:21 AM EST

Christmas will arrive in less than two week’s time. Meanwhile, Christian denominations worldwide are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior. The secretary-General of the WCC, Pastor Samuel Kobia also gave a speech emphasizing the significance historical day. While he was giving the speech, he used the Bible verse from John 1:4-5, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”

Even though, there are some churches in this world that lives in the darkness of wars. Such society’s culture is filled with violence, conflicts, fears and doubts, hatred and wars, and threat of terrorist ideals. Pastor Kobia reminds each church to hold on to God’s promise. After all, it was God who sent his precious son to this earth to become the new hope for peace.

Pastor Kobia said, “By the promise of peace, we celebrate Christmas. Remember that our Lord Jesus Christ was born in an era of authoritarianism and violence. Immediately after his birth, he stared at death shortly before escaping for his life. During the Christmas holiday, he allowed us to offer up our gratitude and praise. He gave us the hope of life, Jesus Christ, to show us the extent of God’s love.”

Jesus Christ gave the entire human race this peace that is incomparable to anything else in this world. During the speech, he again used the words of Jesus by saying, “I shall grant you to you peace. What I grant is not like that from worldly people.” Through the true peace that is revealed through Jesus’ life, that which is above all law, we have seen love.

“Christ have came to this world and lived among us. This good news is the source of the light of this world. Through his life and guidance, we know now the road to peace.”

”This world has built many walls which has disconnected people from people. For example, defense mechanisms, strict laws, and first-strike policies are what govern the world. But Jesus has allowed us to discover the method of uniting man as one, gave us the greatest commandment that is to love, to overcome hatred and conflicts, and to pray for even our enemies.”

“Our savior Jesus Christ is the light of this world. Through the light that radiates from Christmas, no darkness in this world can block it. The good news of Christmas illuminates the entire world. It is like the summer sun of southern hemisphere. It also shine like the northern stars, which brings about the great message of joy to this disturbed world.”

WCC encourages all the churches to renew faith for this promise of peace, and again praising and glorifying God. Though many centuries have passed, the peaceful hope that Christmas brings has become evidence of the Churches’ faith. Every time we celebrate Christmas, we want to once again throw ourselves into this hope.

Lastly, Pastor Kobia used the unchanging life of love of Christ as an conclusion, “In the midst of this disunited and damaged world, the good news of Christmas once again reminded us the love of God that has interceded between us, calling us for participation and ministries work, the life is in him. This life is the light of men. When the light shines in darkness, the darkness cannot stand the light.”