HKBC Invites SBC to Launch Joint Evangelism Campaign

The Hong Kong Baptist Convention has issued a challenge for the Southern Baptist Convention to help spread gospel in Hong Kong while the window of opportunity is open.
( [email protected] ) Dec 23, 2004 12:31 PM EST

Today, HKBC General Secretary Chu Wood Ping announced and invitation for SBC churches to help participate in a bold two-week evangelism campaign in the heart of Hong Kong. The campaign will last from July 20 to August 1, 2005. In addition, Chu also requested that the SBC bring along a 50 to 100 member choir to attract people to church meetings.

James Cheung of the Kowloon City Baptist Church also joined Chu in asking for SBC pastors and laymen to volunteer their time to help spread the gospel in a city of 7 million people. The Kowloon City Baptist Church is currently the largest church in the island of Hong Kong.

Of the 7 million residents, only a fraction of Hong Kong denizens are Christians. Veteran SBC missionaries W.H. “Dub” and Doris Jackson will help coordinate and direct this joint Hong Kong – United States evangelism campaign. Both W.H. and Jackson have been pioneers in leading the Partnership Campaigns for the Southern Baptist Convention Mission Board. Jackson also leads the World Evangelism Fellowship

Hong Kong is currently part of the top ten “unreached” cities in the world. Commenting to the Florida Baptist View, Jackson said:

“There is no city in the world with any greater need, nor one more open for witnessing than is Hong Kong now. We must not fail to hear and respond to their call, for we have no assurance that this door will remain open indefinitely. An effective witness in Hong Kong today can mean a major step forward in witnessing in mainland China as the Chinese move freely across the border today.”

Jackson added that a no less than 20 U.S. churches and teams are needed to makes this evangelism campaign possible. He said that each team needed to be comprised of one pastor along with five to ten lay members. Each team will be assigned one church to minister with. Each pastor is responsible for witnessing to their assigned churches. Currently the International Mission Board is still reportedly taking calls and emails from individual volunteers and churches willing to participate in this event.