Chinese Christians Evangelicals Association Pushing Forward Ecumenical Prayer Week

CCEA now calling for church unity in the form of hosting prayer week.
( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2004 08:05 AM EST

Chinese Christians Evangelicals Association Pushing Forward Ecumenical Prayer Week that calls for Church Unity to become one in the Lord.

This year the theme for the Ecumenical Prayer Week that is held once a year will be “Christ, The Only Foundation of Church”, where the focus will be placed upon the foundation of church organization – On the body of Christ, calling churches to cooperate together in building the body of Christ.

The 2005 Christian Ecumenical Prayer Week will be held from January 18 till 25. Chinese Christian Evangelicals, who has always pushed for the ecumenical movement, will hold the ‘Pastoral and co-working Holy Communion and Breakfast Fellowship at the Anglican Baptism Saint John’s churh. The speakers will include Dr. Ahn Jae-woong for Christian Conference for Asia.

On that day, through the Holy Communion Ceremony, those present will commemorate the lives of those who have sacrificed for the Lord. Using this to promote being, and after the worship services establish breakfast fellowship, allowing Pastoral workers time to interact. According to sources, the offering will be distributed to Christian Action pushing forward refugee services.

Another event called the ‘Christian Ecumenism Fellowship’ is hosted by the Hong Kong Christian Evangelical Ecumenicals, together with the Church Relations Committee and Catholic Hong Kong district ecumenical committee. It will be held on January 22, on a Saturday night. This gathering will be held in the form of Hymn Service, where large choir groups and members from each church will perform.

Along with the two fellowships mentioned, the relating parties asked each churches to have Sunday Service for Ecumenism on January 23 – where different religious clericals or Catholic churches’ clergies exchanging speeches.