Christian Community in Hong Kong Joins in Prayer

Hong Kong Protestants, Catholics, Anglicans and Orthodoxes are praying for Christian unity worldwide.
( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2005 01:47 PM EST

In accordance to the international Week of Prayer for Christian Unity event, the Hong Kong Christian Council, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, and Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asian churches prepared a series of ecumenical activities for believers in Hong Kong. The activity started Monday this week, and is scheduled to end Sunday.

In a recently released join-public statement, the Hong Kong Christian Council, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and the South East Asian churches declared:

"The growth of the churches and communities are a blessing of the Holy Spirit. However, this is crippled by the divarications of man. May humbleness solve the conflict among different communities. For the differences of communities not only come from different historical or cultural background, but also come from the vulnerabilities of man. It is important to pray together and try to know one another. By doing this, we can realize what the Lord has done in the world by His grace. All of us are owned by Christ, and also belong to the same Lord. Thus, the ministries from Christ established the base of faith on the Heavenly Father, and it is also the resource for us to unite as one."

On January 20th, a Eucharist service for ministers from all denominations will be held in the Saint John Baptist Anglican Church. Ahn Jae-Woong, the general secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia will deliver sermon during the service.

On the evening of January 22nd, Saturday, HKCC and CDHK will host a praise event featuring praise teams from various churches.

On Ecumenical Sunday, January 23rd, the HKCC will host an exchange forum. In the interest of promoting Christian unity in Hong Kong, churches all over Hong Kong have invited pastors from different denominations to deliver sermon for Sunday service. This forum is wil be opened to Catholic priests as well.

Having its origins from the 19th century, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is one of the oldest activities involving Christian communities arround the world.

The theme of this year's prayer week is taken from 1 Corinthian 3:1-23: "Christ, the One Foundation of the Church". For the first time, the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic church prepared the event's text together.

The text will be published by both the WCC Faith and Order commission and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. According to both organizations, this move signifies a new age of cooperation between the WCC and the Roman Catholic Church.