Chinese Christians Meet to Promote Billy Graham Crusade

New York Chinese Christians seeking the best way to promote the upcoming greater New York Billy Graham Crusade.
( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2005 08:11 PM EST

New York City - The Chinese-American Christian leaders are gathering and seeking the best way to promote the upcoming Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade among the Chinese-American Christian communities. The crusade, which is announced to be the last Billy Graham crusade in this area, is expected on June 20, 2005, at Madison Square Garden.

Last Friday, the leaders from the Oversea Chinese Mission, the Chinese Christian Herald Crusade, the Chinese Evangel Church, the Church of Grace to Fujianese, and the New York Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Center held their first meeting in OCM. A interim committee was established afterwards. Rev. Isaiah Tingson, the senior pastor of OCM, was elected as the chairman of the committee, which dedicates to mobilize as many Chinese-American Christians as possible to participate in the Billy Graham Crusade.

"Yes. Our goal is to mobilize as many Chinese Christians as possible," said Rev. Howald Li, the senior pastor of the Chinese Evangel Church. According to him, for the first step, the committee is planning to send propagandizing letters, as well as introduction to the Billy Graham Crusade, to each Chinese church in New York City.

Another preparation is for the interpretation. "This time, we will provide interpretation into four Chinese dialets: Mandarin, Cantonese, and the dialets of Taishan and Fuzhou," Rev. Li said. "The Chinese participants will wear headphone and receive instant interpretation."

Fifteen years ago, the latest Billy Graham Crusade in New York City attracted more than 60,000 Chinese people. And the population of Chinese immigrants keeps growing rapidly these years. According to the statistical result released by the government of New York City earlier this year, by the year 2000, the population of Chinese immigrants in New York City has exceeded 360,000. This year, hopefully much more Chinese people will take part in this upcoming spiritual banquet and receive renewal for their spirit and life.