Taipei Christian Church Alliance Holding Easter Celebration Activities

Dawn Prayer Meeting, March for Jesus, Basketball tournament…
( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2005 09:58 PM EST

This year’s Easter, various prayer fellowships from Taipei Christian Church Alliance will hold various activities to celebrate Easter. Some regions will hold “March for Jesus” parades, and others will have dawn prayer meetings, basketball tournaments, etc,.

Similar to previous years, Shin Yi district prayer fellowship have also decided to climb Xian Shan and have prayer meeting there to welcome Easter Sunday. On Xian Shan – The highest point of Shin Yi District spirituality, they will climb to the top of the mountain to pray and bless Taiwan. This has a much spiritual meaning.

Various churches in Shin Yi District is portray and reenacting how the women came before the tomb of Jesus before the sun rise on the day of resurrection 2000 years ago. They came before the tomb and discovered that the tomb is empty; Angel announced that Christ has resurrected. On the morning of Easter Sunday, everyone headed towards Xian Shan to worship, just like the early disciples using a joyful heart singing praises and celebrating the good news of the Lord who has resurrected from the dead.

Last year at 5am in the morning, believers from various churches in Shin Yi district gathered neatly and headed towards Xian Shan. While they were on the way, they held up Easter flags as a symbol welcoming the glorious king. The prayer meeting is for the national society, churches and individuals. Some churches also prepared Easter Eggs and gospel pamphlets to hand out to those climbing the mountain, telling them the good news of our Lord’s resurrection. Some of them even stayed to listen to the message on Easter resurrection preached by the Pastor.

In the afternoon of Easter, various churches from Wen Shan District will hold “March for Jesus to Ming Dao Elementary”, Shi Lin district and Wan Hua district each held a Easter parade near Ten Mu Sports Park and Wan Hua train station auditorium to hold the Easter celebration parade.

Since 1997, “March for Jesus”began with around 30 churches, a gathering of around two to three thousand people, increased to around several hundred churches, numbering around five to seven thousand ecumenical movement of Christians. They were praying while marching which change the entire spiritual atmosphere of the city.

In Taiwan, the day of Easter is not a holiday. The majority of the people do not celebrate on this day. Even though most people will celebrate behind closed doors, a group of Christians not only shares the good news of victory of Christ to the people in church, but they also proclaim the gospel to the outside world so that they may also share this wonderful life. Church Alliance Association emphasized this as the goal for so many years of holding “Easter-MARCH FOR JESUS.”

Church goers relived the scene where Jesus entered Jerusalem by holding orange palm leaves and horns, singing, praying, ,dancing from all four corners of Taipei City, and heading towards the National Dr. Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall to gather together.