Chinese Christian Youth in San Diego Are Organizing an Outreach Concert

Youth in San Diego are reviving their church by holding a worship outreach concert where they can bring their friends and family to worship "One Awesome God," the theme of the night.
( [email protected] ) Aug 19, 2005 07:55 AM EDT

This Saturday, August 20, the Chinese Community Church (CCC) in San Diego, California will hold a worship night for the community to join and worship God in one spirit.

The event was organized by the United Church of Youth (UCY) at CCC with five adult advisors who are spreading the word out to local churches to join them in fellowship. Two worship bands are scheduled to play their contemporary music, "All Glory," a band that has experience in performing for the youth, and the youth worship band at CCC.

The concert will focus primarily on young people who are in high school to college, but CCC advisors hope that the whole family will come and participate in the activities.

The youth in UCY are the main organizers and planned this event in order to invite their friends for a time of worshipping God.

Tom Tom, one of the youth advisors at CCC and a member of "All Glory," said that he and the other four supervisors would only facilitate the activities, but that it was mainly the youth who were in charge.

"It's a great impact...for the youth to do such events...because they know what their peers are looking for," Tom said. In addition, "it is also good to see how God is a major force in their lives...and they want to share it, through music and events such as this."

The guest speaker, Bryan Kida, who recently became the youth advisor for Pioneer Ocean View in SD, will speak on his experience by recalling that, at every turn in his life, God has been there, and how it is important for the youth to rely on Him. The message will also cover his "life journey" or his testimony, and where he believes God is guiding him.

Tom said that he was the "perfect candidate," in reaching young people because of his experiences in working with the youth. Although he is only twenty years old, Tom said that he is "spiritually filled" in the work that he does for God.

Many churches in the community will join CCC, among them are—The Chinese Evangelical Church, The San Diego Japanese Church, and Pioneer Ocean View.

The worship night is held every other year. Ardy Lo, one of the other advisors at CCC, commented on this and said that coming together, every now and then, and worshipping God is a great way to strengthen bonds between local churches, and through serving the community one can see who "God's family" is.

"Even though we worship at different churches. We want to show God that our love and our abilities to fellowship with one another surpasses the barriers of the churches that we belong to," she said and, the "greatest goal" for this evening of worship is to give the praise all back to God, "all the glory."