Children's Convention Shares the Vision of Children's Ministry

This year's children ministry convention at the San Jose Chinese Alliance Church is expected to share the vision of children's ministry and the children's
( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2005 07:10 AM EDT

For several years now, the San Jose Christian Alliance Church (SJCAC) has held training seminars for those who work in children's ministries. At this year's convention, they will share about the vision for children's ministries, and the children's "spiritual capacity," in learning the message of the gospel.

On Saturday, Aug 27, parents and workers will unite in one heart in raising up the new generation, said Amy Lee, children's ministry coordinator at SJCAC. "We want the workers and the parents to see the potential in the spiritual capacity of all children," for example, "a child that is three or four years old can receive God's word."

For the last three years, SJCAC has focused on "raising a higher standard of spiritual discipline" for the young children who range from infants to fifth grade by teaching them how to pray and worship. Lee said, "the spiritual capacity of the children goes beyond what we think."

For instance, she noticed that the children's attitude towards learning the bible, was no longer, "what are we going to do, but when they come, they're more ready to pray and to express themselves," Lee said.

At the convention, they will speak on where they believe the children are spiritually and the direction of the children's ministry.

So far, the children in second to fifth grade have served through church activities, such as cleaning the community by picking up trash and praying for others at hospitals.

"We hope that they will become ministers for the community."

In addition, they don't consider the children just children, but Lee said that she sees "children as the warriors of God at the end time."

The convention originally started, inviting only those who worked within the children's ministry, but later parents were asked to join in order for them to benefit from the workshops.

Also, it is an opportunity for workers and parents to unite in prayer and to worship God, while the workshops will provide the necessary resources in equipping parents and workers in supporting the future ministers of the church.