Call to Chinese Churches: Homosexuality a Great Threat to Next Generation

SAN FRANCISCO- TFC has pointed out that homosexuality is the work of Satan and a great threat to the next generation, therefore calling on Chinese churches’ concern over the crisis faced by the U.S. a
( [email protected] ) Mar 21, 2006 11:52 AM EST

SAN FRANCISCO- Traditional Family Coalition (TFC) has pointed out that homosexuality is the work of Satan and a great threat to the next generation, therefore calling on Chinese churches’ concern over the crisis faced by the U.S. and the world.

Held at the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) in Sunnyvale Monday, chairman of TFC Dr. Bill Tam was the main speaker of the "Understanding Homosexuality" seminar. Through power-point presentation and short video, the causes of homosexuality were explained with a scientific and psychological approach. Tam warned of the destructive influence of homosexuality on the children, the challenge of homosexuality movement to the society and the response of churches.

The seminar is especially designed for Chinese church leaders and ministers. Since they are the leaders, they must be informed about how general people think about homosexuality and what the facts are, so that they can guide people properly, according to Tam.

Chairman of GCCI Rev. Thomas Wang, senior pastor of the Peninsula Chinese Alliance Church Rev. Luke Poon, chairman of Sacred Logos Resource Center Rev. Johann Y. Lai and other pastors from the Chinese churches in Bay Area have attended the seminar.

Tam sternly rejected the idea that people are born with homosexuality as he presented results of some major medical and psychological research. According to the California Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Melvin Wong, unhealthy family environment is the main reason behind homosexuality. Whether it is gay or lesbian, most of them do not have a good relationship with the father, but the most important factor that will finally lead to an abnormal sexual orientation is the experience of sexual assault.

Tam criticized the wrong concept that the society, teachers and the mass media have been trying to preach, "As people are born with homosexuality, it is normal and acceptable." He cited the example of Project 10, a curriculum of gay sex education in schools in California since 1990. The pornographic contents in the teaching materials have outraged many conservatives and Christians.

As a spokesman for the Chinese community in protest against Project 10, Tam recalled a poster that was used by pro-gay activists showing two naked young boys, which has deeply impressed him.

"When I look at that poster, I immediately realize that is not a problem on education, but actually homosexual movement is the movement that belongs to the Satan," Tam stated. He sharply pointed out that the next generation is the prey of homosexual movement. According to some statistics, many gays tend to involve in sexual assaults on children.

Furthermore, homosexuality has led to the decline in morality and thus other social problems are resulted. With reference to some north European countries that have allowed same-sex marriages, such as Holland, Sweden and Norway, pro-gay activists have also been trying to push forward the proposal on legalization of male and female prostitution, unlimited age of consent for sexual intercourse, and even group marriage without limitation on the number of people, age or gender.

Lowering the age of consent for sexual intercourse indirectly leads to the growth of sex crime involving children. In addition, people have become more opened and irresponsible for sexual intercourse and marriage following the legalization of same-sex marriage, Tam suggested.

The number of babies born without a father has been escalating in some countries since same-sex marriage is accepted. In the U.S., the growth is 1.8 times while it is 3.3 times in the United Kingdom. In Norway and Holland, the growth tops 4 times and 5 times respectively.

In conclusion, Tam pointed out that the final victim of homosexual movement is the second generation. He urged Chinese churches to stand up and "say no" to homosexual movement, supporting the work of TFC.

Under the support of GCCI, TFC is going to publish a new book entitled "Churches Revive to Become Light and Salt" in Chinese. The book helps Christians to understand the social problem and the relationship with Christians. According to Tam, TFC is also preparing an advertisement to be broadcasted at the radio stations to promote traditional morality.

At an individual level, Tam encouraged people to realize the crisis of homosexuality and to strengthen the education system for such issue. In the upcoming election, citizens should also involve actively, and vote with wisdom to find a good leader who will defend traditional family and moral values.