Wang Calls on Prayers for 'America, Return to God' in Hong Kong

HONG KONG- Rev. Thomas Wang has promoted his new book 'America, Return to God' in Hong Kong, calling on Christians to pray for repentance of American leaders so as to save the nation. The theme of t
( [email protected] ) Mar 26, 2006 11:46 PM EST

HONG KONG- Rev. Thomas Wang has promoted his new book ‘America, Return to God’ in Hong Kong, calling on Christians to pray for repentance of American leaders so as to save the nation.

On Saturday, March 25, a press conference was hosted by the chairman of the Great Commission Center International (GCCI). Wang gave a brief introduction for the 128-pages book, which includes a total of 20 articles written by world-renowned evangelicals both in the west and in the east. Wang emphasized that the languages used in all articles are kept as simple as possible with an aim to convey the message to readers more concisely. He has also contributed 2-3 articles in the book.

The theme of the book, according to Wang, is to remind the U.S. of the Christian faith that has once lived within the hearts of their ancestors when they first founded the country. In the midst of the rapidly declining faith and morality in the U.S., Wang calls the country to repent and return to God.

The crisis has been intensifying in the recent years as the U.S. is about to follow the path of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage. Wang and other Chinese evangelicals in the U.S. were deeply concerned and had spearheaded a nationwide church-based campaign last year to battle against the homosexual movement and to defend the traditional family formed by one man and one woman.

Chairman of the Broad of Directors of GCCI Rev. Lo Sek Wai described the publication as the biggest and the most influential work in the history of Chinese Christianity.

‘America, Return to God’ is expected to be published in May with first printing of 500,000 copies. 450,000 copies will be distributed free for influential leaders from all professions, such as politics, business, culture, education, science and religions. The distribution of 450,000 copies is listed as follows:

1. US Administrative Department (president, vice-president, cabinet, White House, and representatives from each state) – 9,057 copies

2. US Legislative Department (Congressman, senator from the Federal government, each state and city) – 10,769 copies

3. US Judicial Department (High Court of the Federal Government, each state, county and city as well as the judges from all the Courts) – 17,131 copies

4. US Education Department (Headmasters of all high school, middle school and primary schools) – 117,195 copies

5. All Christian churches in the U.S. (with over 200 members) – 90,506 copies

6. Business (the top 3,000 CEOs elected by Fortune) – 8,537 copies

7. Influential social leaders – 76, 071 copies

8. Entertainment- 12,490 copies for film producers; 43,710 copies for radio and TV program producers

9. Publishing (editors of newspapers or magazines with over 25,000 circulations) - 4,912 copies

10. Scientist - 22,017 copies

11. Authors, Historians and Philosophers – 37,614 copies

Since the book will be distributed for free, the success of the publication itself has been a great grace of God, Wang said. The cost for each book is around USD$ 4 including the printing, postal and other costs. By the amazing work of God, the owner of the printing company- the fifth biggest one in the U.S.- is a good Christian, thus the cost of each book is reduced to USD$ 2.

GCCI urges churches and Christians in Hong Kong to devote themselves in prayers for the publication of this book and give financial support. "Only by paying HKD$16, the book can be delivered to scholars at Harvard University or even the hands of President Bush," Wang said.

Finally, Dr. Titus Loong, an experienced Baptist missionary involved in cross-cultural evangelism, led the prayer for the new book. He dedicated the book to God and prayed that it can be greatly used.

Another press conference for ‘America, Return to God’ will be held later in the U.S, further progress will be announced.