'America, Return to God' Urges Prayers for Spiritual Battle

One week after the book 'America, Return to God' was released, the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) calls on prayers for spiritual battle.
( [email protected] ) May 11, 2006 09:14 PM EDT

One week after the book "America, Return to God" was released, the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) calls on prayers for spiritual battle.

The "America, Return to God" book project is spearheaded by the Chinese evangelical Rev. Thomas Wang. Featuring 28 highly selected articles by leading Christian figures, such as James Dobson, Ravi Zacharias, Jim Nelson Black, Francis Schaeffer, Carl F. H. Henry, Gary DeMar and David Barton, the 128-pages book has been sent as gifts to 450,000 American leaders of all levels and of all professions.

Responses have been coming in and positive responses are majority, according to GCCI. Meanwhile, another 50,000 is now in stock at GCCI for those who are interested. Anyone can pick up copies for free.

GCCI has realized that the publication of the book is indeed a great spiritual battle. It was informed that some people who oppose the idea of the book are urging their friends to order the book in large quantities in order to exhaust the supply.

GCCI therefore requests prayers for "America, Return to God" Movement. It urges Christians to pray that God will hinder all schemes from the Adversary and God will soften people's hearts that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And they are also encouraged to pray for GCCI co-workers that they have the wisdom to handle all incoming calls and emails. Most importantly, to pray that God uses every book to remind America of her Christian origin and understand her present situation.

"America, Return to God" Movement involves many different campaigns, including the publication of the book, letter-writing by Rev. Thomas Wang to government leaders and "Support Traditional Family Rallies."

The theme of the book is to re-emphasize that America was built by God as a Christian nation through Christian people, but now it is becoming not only non-Christian and even anti-Christian. Therefore, churches and individual Christians must be awaken and speak up to change the tide.

Some American Christian leaders have given their endorsement to the book. Dr. John Kyle, a former vice president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and executive director of Mission to the World, Presbyterian Church in America, wrote, "Born in China and an adopted son of the U.S.A., Dr Thomas Wang is a Christian statesmen and U.S. patriot. He and all the authors contributing to this important book have observed the downward trend of morals and ethics taking in our nation and have written their concerns for our leaders and fellow citizens to consider and retify."

"This is a book that every American would do well to read and to seriously ponder," stated Dr Paul Cedar, chairman of The Mission America Coalition.