Jamaican Christian Youth Reaching Out to Their Peers

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2003 01:23 PM EDT

Young Christians in Jamaica are reaching out to their peers to share the life of the Gospel, The Jamaica Observer reported on 23.

More than 24 ministers are interested in this programme called Youth Reaching Youth(YRY). Angela Pryce-Plunkett, the programme director said "In Jamaica there is an serious crisis among the young people. This programme is to enable dynamic Christian youth leaders trained in peer-to-peer counselling and sharing life-coping skills with others.

"The sponsering pastors are going to introduce at least one young person from their church to this programme. The main target is the group around the age of 18-22 who just have graduated from high school."

"The programme offers to do four Caribbean Examination Council subjects, English, Mathematics, Human and Social Biology, Health education and life-coping skills as well," she explained. "The youth leaders are trained in violence prevention, conflict resolution, human sexuality and so on."

Over the last two years, 538 people have made a commitment to Christ through the YRY. Also over a four-year period, the programme seeks to empower 40 Christian youth leaders to impact over 20,000 of their peers, teachers and parents for better lives.

Allanesia Bruce, a participant of YRY made a testimony after taking the programme: "My relationship with Go was not strong. I had low self-esteem, low self-confidence and anger. But now I have gotten closer to God and try to live in the living word."