A Christian Counselor's Suspension Lifted

( [email protected] ) Dec 24, 2003 10:47 AM EST

There have been many cases concerning violation of “separation of church and state.” Recently a counselor was suspended in North Carolina for giving an advice to a student by sharing Bible verses but the suspension was lifted after the school received hundreds of complaint calls from the community.

Concord High School suspended Beth Pinto with pay for sharing Bible verses with a student who was struggling with homosexuality. Although the student requested biblical advice, the school charged Pinto for violating “separation of church and state.”

However the suspension was lifted after the high school received hundreds of complaint calls from local parents and Christians across the U.S. Now Pinto has been fully restored and has been receiving a great number of Christian supporters including Pastor Flip Benham from Operations Save America.

Benham says, "Kids can ask for condoms, and a teacher is rewarded if he gives a condom but is punished if he gives a student a scripture that would provide light to what they're dealing with," the pastor says.

Benham contends that this case is not only affecting Concord High School but every public school across the United States. "This is a battle that's not only in Concord High School; it is endemic with public schools and government schools all across this land, where Christian teachers are intimidated by administrations," he says.

The pastor comments of the coming of sorrowful day when God has been expelled and banished from public schools and His presence replaced by condoms, drugs and unprecedented violence.

"Bloodshed is really coursing down the corridors of our high schools," Benham says, "and we sit and look at each other with awkward amazement, [asking] 'Why are our kids killing each other? Why are they committing suicide? Why are they losing themselves in drugs and in gangs?'"

Operation Save America members recently held a press conference and a demonstration at Concord High School, where they encouraged Christian pastors and parents including other concerned citizens to speak out against restriction against teachers from expressing Christian faith from school campuses.