A Minstry in Georgia Focuses on Education

( [email protected] ) Jan 17, 2004 01:34 PM EST

Columbus, GA - A Christian ministry called Kingdom Laborers of Columbus will begin the first of 12 weekly Christian education programs focusing on Love, Life, and Legacy on Tuesday at 7p.m. at Wynnbrook Baptist Church featuring nice different speakers from Kingdom Building Ministries, Ledger Enquirer reported.

The 12-week program is designed to teach Christians of ages 16 and up, practical discipleship and personal ministry skills.

"We are very excited to be able to bring these high-powered Christian speakers from throughout the country to Columbus," said Mike Davidson, the Kingdom Laborers of Columbus director said in a statement.

The first four weeks’ program focuses on growing intimate relationship Love relationship with God. encouraging students to cultivate and grow their intimate Love relationship with God.

The second four weeks focus on challenging students to discover and begin fulfilling the life of personal ministry that God has called them to.

The final four weeks focus on equipping students to realize and embrace the enormous calling on their life to pass on a legacy to the next generation.

Advanced registration for TLI is required. Fees for the entire 12-week program are $40 for students, $50 for adults and $75 for couples.Childcare and audio recordings of each session will be available for a nominal fee.

Fore more information, Call 561-9817 or visit www.Kingdom- Laborers.org