Children's Book Portrays Two Gay Princes

( [email protected] ) Mar 18, 2004 02:50 PM EST

WILMINGTON, N.C.—The fear most pro-family groups have of the homosexual wave affecting children has begun. Parents of a first-grade girl have demanded that a children’s book about two homosexual princes be removed from the school library.

The father of the girl, Michael Hartsell, says he was flabbergasted when his daughter brought the book home from the Freeman Elementary School Library.

The book is called “King and King” (Tricycle Press, 2002), an Associated Press report said. The children’s story was about two princes, Prince Bertie and Prince Lee, who fall in love and marry in the end, even kissing.

The concerned parent asserts his child is "not old enough to understand something like that."

Although he and his wife have expressed offense to the book because it promotes something outside their beliefs and have received similar reactions to about 100 people whom they have shown the book to, the school officials claim the book represents diversity.

The school officials say that what may be "inappropriate" to one family may be "totally acceptable" to another.

The Hartsells say they will keep the book until the school officials agree it would not be circulated again.

According to, board member Janice Cavenaugh, agrees with the Hartsells that “King and King” is not age-appropriate. Board member Maryann Nunnally says she would prefer to only circulate controversial books with parents’ permission.

“King and King”, which was put on the school’s shelves a year ago, will be followed by a sequel titled, “King and King and Family”.

The decision of the school board will be crucial to the future direction of the education of children. The Hartsells plan to file a written complaint so the matter could be taken to a committee who will review the book for appropriateness.