New Campus for San Francisco Theological Seminary

( [email protected] ) May 20, 2004 11:58 PM EDT

The Board of Trustees of San Francisco Theological Seminary concurred with the recommendation to move back to Pasadena in Southern California where the Seminary was inaugurated fifteen years ago.

Rev. Dr. Jack Rogers began a M.Div. program housed at Pasadena Presbyterian Church in Southern California, which moved to the campus of the Claremont School of Theology in 1996.

With the development of the Seminary¡¯s program and the enrollment correspondingly over the past few years, they felt pressed for both classroom and office space. SFTS found Kirk House Community Education Center located in downtown Pasadena at the north end of Pasadena Presbyterian Church¡¯s property.

Dave Tomlinson, SFTS Vice President for Southern California, said, ¡°although the site is familiar, this is a big change for all of us.¡± The seminary¡¯s press release included that the seminary¡¯s administration, staffing, course offerings, student services, worship experiences will remain comfortably and predictable the same.

SFTS plans to move during the week of June 7th to their new home where fall term commencement will be held in September 2004.