Princeton Theological Seminary Receives Grant of $27,834.26

( [email protected] ) Jul 16, 2004 08:59 PM EDT

The William A. and Eugenie H. Sullivan Trust of The Philadelphia Foundation offered a grant of $27,834.26 to Princeton Theological Seminary through the William Albert and Eugenie Hummel Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund, which supports students who are preparing for ministry.

Established by caring and generous families who wish to fill the needs of their communities, the Philadelphia Foundation remains as the primary providers of charitable funds of about 600 in southeastern Pennsylvania. The funds through the foundation are used to provide grants and scholarships to various educational, cultural, and humanitarian programs.

The William A. and Eugenie H. Sullivan funds, the oldest funds managed by the foundation, which began in 1942, supports many Christian-based groups. Besides Princeton Theological Seminary, the funds have been also distributed to Presbyterian University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and House of Merciful Saviour for Crippled Children.