Biblical Theological Seminary Introduces New Fall Classes

( [email protected] ) Jul 31, 2004 05:51 PM EDT

Biblical Theological Seminary will offer new classes in fall taught by Dr. Gary Schnittier, Dr. David Dunbar, and Spencer Burke, founder of

Dr. Gary Schnittier will lead a course on seven ways to read Genesis 1-3, or seven important interpretations of the first three chapters of the bible. Dr. David Dunbar is planned to teach a study of emerging church.

Spencer Burke is a founder of and he is expected to lead an innovative class called leading and emerging culture. The class includes conference calls wit Guest Faculty, one-on-one calls with Facilitator Faculty, and onsite learning gatherings.

Described in the course syllabus, the class will involve online study and personal interaction with several important thinkers and practitioners of emerging church leadership, including Spencer Burke, who will serve as course facilitator.