The Supertones Hi-Fi Revival (Collector's Series)

Jun 07, 2003 01:36 PM EDT

The Supertones set sail with the band's first-ever DVD as part of the "Collector's Series" line. This series has proven iffy at best -- most of its titles are thrown-together little bits and pieces, with a handful of features, music videos, and whatnot. The good news is that each title in the series has a bargain-basement price, such as this one, which retails for just $5.99. The question is, should you shell out your six bucks? Or is this just another waste of good polycarbonate?

Sadly, I must conclude the latter. While Supertones fanatics will no doubt have to have it, there's really nothing of any true value here. All features totalled, the thing barely runs for about 20 minutes.

And I use the word "features" in jest. There are three of them: two from inside the studio during Hi-Fi Revolution's recording process, and a behind-the-scenes segment showing the making of the video for "Superfly" (which is also included). But what a lost opportunity: there's absolutely no insight into how an album or a video is made. Each feature only lasts about two or three minutes, and each one is little more than one cute comedy sketch after another. There's laughs to be found, but only a few minutes' worth with no repeat value.

There are two music videos included, and they're not bad: the brand-new video for "Superfly," which has the "cool" vibe going on, but I'm not sure what it has to do with the song. It's set in what looks like an office building's basement, with a janitorial theme. Then there's the "Return of the Revolution" video, which fares better because it's compiled footage from the group's live concerts (mostly Festival Con Dios coverage), and it's simply The Supertones being The Supertones, in all their goofball glory.

A certain comedic slant is to be expected from anything produced by this band (although Hi-Fi Revival proved once and for all that they are serious musicians to be reckoned with), because let's face it: they're known as wild & crazy guys, and we love them for it.

But when you get through watching the whole thing, I guarantee you'll be thinking, "That's it? That's all?" Yep, it is.

By Robert Parrish